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  • mikael-kolehmainen
  • By Mikael Kolehmainen

TrademarkNow, European Startup Dedicated To Using Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud-Computing Power To Tackle Trademark Management Issues, Expands To The United States

TrademarkNow®, a Helsinki-based legal technology startup with a stellar client base of well-known international companies, is expanding to the United States with the opening of a new office in New York City.

Since the company's founding in 2012, TrademarkNow has fulfilled an unmet need in the trademark management space felt by enterprises, law firms and branding agencies around the world. With numerous clients using their platform on a daily basis, the company's rapid growth led to TrademarkNow securing Series A funding of $3.5 million in May 2014 to invest in strengthening the company's global coverage and presence. Investors included Balderton Capital.

The core technology behind the TrademarkNow platform is based on 12+ years of research, and powers the two current solutions, NameCheck™ and NameWatch™. NameCheck delivers comprehensive trademark search reports in seconds that reflect not only database searches, but analyzes of millions of existing trademarks and other relevant data for product similarity, how the word looks, how it sounds when pronounced, and word meaning in over 150 languages. NameWatch is an automated trademark watch solution that again goes beyond rote searches and uses powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze important activity with your own trademark portfolio as well as competitors™ portfolios and organizes findings in a clear, relevant and prioritized manner.

With a strong and growing European client base, TrademarkNow has now opened a New York City-based office to kick-start the company's entree into the U.S.. In addition to the Fortune 1000 U.S.-based companies with local trademark teams, numerous international companies™ trademark offices are located in the U.S. due to the caliber of legal talent in the country, making the U.S. an attractive market for TrademarkNow.

When we launched TrademarkNow two years ago, we built the technology on research that had been ongoing for many years. We felt intuitively that we had a powerful, cloud-based solution that would answer many problems faced day-in and day-out by trademark attorneys and branding teams. The response thus far has proven us right. We now have many European clients, and we are bringing on more clients every month, said Mikael Kolehmainen, TrademarkNow Co-founder and CEO. It is a natural next step for us to expand to the U.S. now. Joe Patterson and Alison Shurell will lead our entry into the U.S. and build out our sales and marketing functions. Given the extensive trademark legal work that takes place throughout the U.S., we think many U.S.-based trademark teams will soon realize and take advantage of the power that TrademarkNow has to simplify and accelerate their trademark management processes.”

From their new office in the heart of Silicon Alley (41 Madison Avenue, New York, NY), the TrademarkNow U.S. team will include newly hired Joe Patterson and Alison Shurell. Patterson, VP of Sales for TrademarkNow, has over 10 years of experience in sales in B2B software, most recently as VP of Sales and Strategy, North America and LATAM at WebsPlanet. Patterson has an MBA from the London School of Business and Finance. Shurell, Chief Marketing Officer for TrademarkNow, has over 18 years of marketing experience with B2B software companies. She successfully launched two start-up SaaS brands and contributed to a successful IPO of a third company. Shurell has an MBA from Baldwin Wallace University.

by Mikael Kolehmainen.