Eat, Sleep, Work(out), Repeat

Lisa Wright and Jill Dempsey,

As our stores, restaurants and public recreational areas continue to close during the current global crisis that we are experiencing today, it may not be as easy to look after your physical and mental health. Nutrient-rich products aren't always readily available in our stores, social events have been cancelled and our local gyms and fitness centers have closed.

Most businesses that do not deliver front line services have closed their physical locations and moved their staff and operations online to help keep their staff and customers safe and well.  Many of us are now working remotely, from home, and some of us may struggle to adapt to this new lifestyle and keep up with healthy habits.

4 tips to work well from home

While maintaining a healthy routine to boost your productivity and wellbeing at home may be easier said than done under such circumstances, it is not an impossible feat. 

Here are 4 things to keep track of at this time and some tips from industry professionals (as well as the TrademarkNow team) on how to optimize your wellbeing while both living and working at home!

  • Good nutrition
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • Exercise
  • Team work

1. Eat well 

We asked Jill Dempsey, nutrition and health professional and owner of New Vitality in Ireland for some tips for us all on how to eat well to stay well at this time. 

Jill gave us the following advice:

“Have you been putting off eating healthily? Now is the time to change! A beautiful flower will wither, if not fed and watered adequately. Anti-nutrients will not help anyone. What’s the point looking like a Ferrari on the outside whilst inwardly rusting? We want our bodies to fight against nasty invaders. We need to support our immune systems and empower our bodies from a cellular level.

Simply choose from a variety of wholesome colourful foods packed with antioxidants, especially vitamin C. Those with beautiful rainbow colours provide essential multivitamins and minerals.

Make time to prep your meals whilst enjoying your favourite music or chatting to loved ones. Inhaling the aromatic flavour of your ingredients helps activate the cephalic stage, crucial for initiating the enzymes required for digestion. 

Having a dietary routine plays a significant role. Eat breakfast within an hour of awakening, followed by midday lunch and evening meal. Protein for breakfast sharpens your concentration. Equally, slow release complex carbohydrates such as oats with berries, nuts and seeds will see you through until lunch. Eat a diet high in fruit, vegetables and fibre. This should make up half of your plate. Meals packed with phytonutrients (vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, beans and spices) promote the desired antioxidant, anti-inflammatory response our bodies need. Reduce sugar intake as too much of it dampens the immune system for several hours after consumption. 

Stay hydrated! This means plenty of fresh filtered water to help the body ‘flush out’ any harmful organisms. Mint and fresh lemon tickle the taste buds and provide refreshing, antioxidant, vitamin C. Excess caffeine will affect sleep quality and interfere with the absorption of key nutrients. Reducing or avoiding alcohol is important as it can negatively impact gut health and decrease the immune function.

Most of all enjoy your food and embrace the health benefits from choosing wisely!”

2. Switching off to drop off

Switching off in both a figurative and literal sense is crucial to your wellbeing. Optimizing your sleep at this time is crucial in order to maintain a healthy body, immune system and mind. 

Jennifer O’Connell, feature writer at the Irish Times has covered this issue extremely thoroughly in her recent article “Dreaming of Sleep”. O’Connell gives some good tips on how to holistically beat anxiety and get more sleep. She recommends implementing good sleep hygiene measures, such as blackout blinds and a technology free bedroom.  

If you need a little extra help to drop off at night these days some of the best natural sleep aids as recommended by the Sleep Doctor include melatonin, magnesium, valerian and hops, magnolia bark and jujube fruit.

3. Get moving

Exercise is very important at this time - not just as a means of staying physically fit, but also to help boost your body’s immune system and your mental wellbeing. It can also help you to combat stress in your day-to-day living. 

Walking or running outside is a great way to both take a break and get out of the house. Try to time these outdoor pursuits and go out at traditionally less busy times of the day (like early morning or later in the evening) so that you can optimize social distancing. Listening to music or a podcast can help to pass the time if you are exercising alone.

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There are many great free body and soul exercise videos available today online. Meditation, virtual workouts, and yoga classes can all be extremely beneficial and can be practised from the comfort (and privacy) of home! Here are a few that are trending in TrademarkNow! 


There’s an app for that! Recommended to all at TrademarkNow by Zac Casstevens from our Sales team, “Waking Up”, by neuroscientist, philosopher and New York Times best-selling author, Sam Harris is, “A guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life”. If you would like to sample this right now (and have 9-minutes to spare) you can catch a short clip on YouTube on the Sam Harris channel.

Virtual workouts

The TrademarkNow Marketing team, Olli Juuso, Elena Gorbatenko and I (and some of our family members) are regular participants in daily online P.E sessions with British fitness guru Joe Wicks. These videos are streamed live on YouTube on the Body Coach TV channel and can also be replayed at any time later in the day. They are suitable for all ages and fitness levels - so there is no excuse not to give them a try!

Office yoga

Our Head of People and Talent, Krista Nikkari, regularly enjoys office yoga these days. She recommends, “That you take 5-minutes out of your schedule to remember to stretch” and has shared a good YouTube resource for this “BEYOUTIFULLIVING” with us all at TrademarkNow. The host, Angela, gives instruction on how to do yoga at your office desk to open up your body and mind.

Pro Tip: Set a daily reminder in your calendar to do this during your work day from now on!

4. A problem shared is a problem halved

Working together and collaborating with multidisciplinary team members in your trademark management process will bring you and your business many benefits at this time. Trademark attorneys, paralegals, marketing and branding professionals who are using our AI trademark search tools for early stage collaboration have seen many improvements in their brand brainstorming and trademark clearance processes. 

And, strategy and analytics teams are also able to use the platform for business intelligence and to capitalise on opportunities in trademark portfolios too - either their own or those of a competitor, using our company and brand overview dashboard summaries. 

Technology can streamline trademark processes in remote work and sharing the use of our online trademark search and watch platform and all of its features will boost your overall productivity and save you both time and money. 

Keeping the trademark community connected

Join our Head of Product, Charles Hill and Trademark Executive, Zac Casstevens, in an interactive webinar “How Technology Streamlines Trademark Processes In Remote Work” on Thursday April 16th, 2020 at 9.30am CDT / 4.30pm CEST and discover how to work smart, apart!

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By Lisa Wright and Jill Dempsey
Lisa Wright, Content Writer at TrademarkNow, is a published author, social media and content marketing speaker. A graduate of the University of Law, Lisa researches and publishes books, blog articles and webinars on intellectual property legislation and trademark activity at a global level. She is the co-author of an edited collection of TrademarkNow’s recent blog posts. Lisa is an avid reader and enjoys travelling around Ireland (weather permitting!) Jill Dempsey, (B.A UCD), Dip. Nutrition, Health & Wellness, certified Personal Sports Nutrition Coach (Institute Health Sciences) owns New Vitality ( specializing in optimum health coaching and stress management. She won First Place in the awards for Coaching and Academic Excellence and is currently studying for a diploma in Nutrition, Lifestyle and Chronic Disease.