Covid-19: How we are continuing to help you create and protect your brands

Mikael Kolehmainen,

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, causing massive impact on our lives, families and communities. And, we know that businesses and trademark professionals all over the world are today facing many significant challenges that they need to respond to rapidly. 

We are working closely with the trademark community to help you to prepare and respond to all of your concerns related to both the direct and indirect effects of this pandemic on your trademark work.

Responding to potential impacts on creating and protecting brands

The impact of Covid-19 on business means that the legal sector and legal departments within many businesses are now at an unprecedented stage of transformation. When working with intellectual property, rather than relying solely on the capital of their internal or external lawyers, organizations need to be able to quickly assess their legal obligations and exposures and are using legal technology to bridge the gaps that this disruption has caused. 

TrademarkNow continues to support and help you to meet the challenges of creating and protecting brands in this rapidly changing business environment. Having the necessary systems and tools for trademark teams to strategically align technology, systems and processes - to enable the creation and protection of trademarks and brands - enables you and your team members to continue your work uninterrupted. 

Our legal technology and trademark search and watch solutions provide business with a holistic “portfolio” approach to providing this kind of legal support to business - trademark, marketing and branding professionals can work with each other on one platform from anywhere in the world. Reports can be customized, downloaded and shared securely.

Continuing to help

We have taken some definitive steps to ensure that our clients continue to be supported by our global teams in their work at this time.

Our trademark analysts, data scientists and customer success managers are ready to quickly respond to your needs. Our online training and bespoke customer support enables and supports you to work effectively and efficiently.

Global coverage

TrademarkNow’s offices are located across multiple countries in Europe and across the United States time zones. This global coverage allows us to continue to disseminate and share any on-going projects in order to maintain the speed and high quality of our data and customer support. 

Remote but always present

Mindful of the health and safety of our teams we have increased our existing part-time remote-work model for our employees to a full-time model. This ensures uninterrupted delivery of all of our platform’s search and watch tools and functionality. 

We understand that you are facing new challenges as many organizations are implementing new remote work models and changing their operational and organizational processes. Our platform’s online solutions and products can help you to continue to work with confidence.

Stay in touch

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