Could You Say No To This Face? Your Trademark Attorney Might!

Nadaline Webster,

There is no question that the modern day branding project is fraught with increasing challenges. On the one side, the attention of the marketplace in a media world is increasingly difficult to grab. When you do grab that attention, retaining it instead of quickly becoming another bygone trend is an uphill battle. You don’t just need a name for your product. You need a FANTASTIC name - a brand that will grab the attention of your target market and have them fall in love with it.

Not only do you need to stand out amongst all the noise out there, you also need a name that is registrable as a trademark so that once you have your fantastic name, it will get past the legal department. Historically, this is where much of the trouble lurks waiting for unwary marketers.

As a generality, new brand names that are emotive, attention-grabbing and fantastic tend to be the very ones that will not pass legal. People respond to familiar themes and concepts and where you have a familiar theme or concept, the chances are good that someone else has already registered it!

The Challenge

The real challenge then is to find solutions that support your branding project, allowing you to educate yourself on the saturation of words, themes, concepts and emotions in your chosen industry and for your kind of product. If those solutions are free and make your life easier - so much the better!

What if this solution already existed? What changes might that make to your branding process?

We are offering you an opportunity to find out in a live, interactive branding project road testing the tools that will ‘get you to YES!” faster with hundreds of branding professionals just like you.

The Product

Meet Indy:


Indy 1

His adoring owner created a range of ‘home-cooked meals’ with all natural foods to tempt his appetite, settle his stomach and support his growth into the glossy, shiny bundle of trouble that you see today. Now fully grown and the picture of canine health and vitality, his owner wants to take her meals to the marketplace.



The Brief

Come up with a name for the company which may or may not include the dog’s name. The name should emphasise or communicate both the ‘natural’ and ‘home-cooked’ aspects of the food. The primary market is the US although there is also a big market for more natural foods in other regions like EU. She is thinking that she would possibly like to expand in a few years.

The underlying marketing message that she is thinking about is something along the lines of “people who love their dogs, feed them like this”. While not in the pipeline yet, she also has plans to launch a range of treats and possibly some kind of merchandise related to Indy. The meals come in sealed bamboo trays and are available either individually or in boxes of 6.

Find out more about the legal process that your proposed names will go through and come away with a free tool designed to get you to yes, faster.

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