All You Want for Christmas: The Best Trademark Search Tool (and Socks)

Nick Potts,

One can never have too many pairs of socks.

Whether there really is an invisible dryer monster who eats them one at a time or your dog is secretly stockpiling them because he loves your scent so much...

"Boring socks" are a gift that will be received with genuine enthusiasm by most adults. But if you're looking to gift your coworkers with something more substantial than socks this holiday season, we understand.

All You Want for Christmas: The Best Trademark Search Tool

Which is why, in this post, we will unabashedly suggest you gift them with the best trademark search and monitoring tools on the market: NameCheck and NameWatch.

Are we biased? Absolutely.

But to be fair, we spent 11 years developing the technology behind TrademarkNow with the goal of filling a much-needed gap in the marketplace. Translation: We've done our homework. But, before we get into the details, here's a quick review of technologically-assisted search.

Why Technology-Assisted Search

A successful trademark search and clearance protocol will accomplish two goals:

  • It will ensure your trademark moves through the registration process without opposition.
  • It will ensure your product, service, and brand names avoid infringement charges.

An exceptional trademark search and clearance protocol will accomplish some additional goals:

  • It will support your creative process by facilitating UNLIMITED SEARCH capabilities.
  • It will support your fast-paced, modern office with nearly INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS.
  • It will provide thorough evaluations of modern app store trademark usage.

It is these additional goals that technology-assisted search makes possible. Thanks to a powerful new algorithm, TrademarkNow can instantly evaluate the same factors as legacy search providers—in less time.

By letting the technology do the heavy lifting (i.e. sifting through extraordinary amounts of data that would take a human several hours), the program is also able to accomplish more with less cost.

Who Loves It

The flexibility and cost-efficiency provided by technology-assisted search software are appreciated by:

Branding Agency Creatives who love generating original naming ideas for their clients.

In-House Legal Teams who are slammed with an abundance of work, but are tired of outsourcing.

Law Firms who want to take on more client work, but don't have the manpower to do so.

The Big Gifts


NameCheck is THE TRADEMARK SEARCH TOOL you want in your back pocket. The program analyzes naming candidates against millions of existing trademarks (and other relevant data) for product similarity, word appearance, word phonetics, and meaning in over 150 languages.

Just type in the name of your candidate, select your classes and regions, and hit submit. In approximately 15 seconds you will receive a comprehensive assessment with items ranked in order of relevancy. Your final risk score is based on data analyses and case law precedence (taking into account how others with similar candidate risk have acted in the past).


  • Unlimited global search
  • App store data common law source
  • All class and product categories
  • Phonetic and visual similarity of proposed mark words
  • Semantic distances between product classes
  • International/global word meaning
  • Internet domain registrations
  • Unregistered marks used in commerce
  • Unregistered products/services in active commerce


You've done a lot of work to trademark the perfect name—now is NOT the time to get complacent. With NameWatch, identifying potential threats to your brand is easier than ever. Instead of sifting through mountains of irrelevant alerts to identify a few critical ones, you can set up electronic alert notifications.

Additionally, NameWatch allows you to expand the scope of your watch beyond your portfolio to include applications, names, and product categories. This means you can keep tabs on the processing steps of individual trademark applications and monitor overall activity in a product category to see what competitors are planning.


  • Unlimited trademark watching (for one flat rate)
  • Customizable alerts (only be notified of highly similar marks)
  • Organized dashboard that allows monitoring of multiple marks (supporting fiduciary responsibility)

The Stocking Stuffers

Once our clients come to see the value in our sister programs—NameCheck and NameWatch—they often want to streamline their trademark efforts even further.

We offer a variety of extra tools with this in mind.


ExaMatch makes it quick and easy to do trademark research for opposition research. With ExaMatch you can: 1. Instantaneously find out if there is an identical trademark to the one you are planning to register in any region of the world AND 2. Gain court case advantage for litigation preparation (when you need to look up specific information on precedent trademarks from case law archives).


Competitor Watch proactively alerts you when new owners register new trademark applications. By keeping the competition activity strategically in view, you can react in advance of new market developments.


Thanks to the disparate nature of the trademark registration process (i.e. different names, different countries and so on), a company's trademark portfolio can quickly become disorganized. Portfolio360 stores all of your marks in one place, helping you stay organized. Instantly access high-level metrics on where marks are registered, what applications and registries are involved, and where they were filed.

Give Them More Than Socks

As you can see, most professionals who rely on trademark search would be thrilled to receive technology-assisted software this holiday season. And, though the intention behind a gift of socks may be questionable:

  • I was too busy to get you something more original.
  • I don't know you that well, but I wanted to show you I care.
  • I love you enough to give you something practical because I know you need it!

The message behind gifting an office team with TrademarkNow is clear:

I want you to feel more confident, more creative, and more in control of what you do. Oh, and I also wouldn't mind us saving a buck or two.

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