A Look at TrademarkNow's New FREE Preliminary Searching Tool

Nadaline Webster,

There has been a lot of excitement around our new FREE preliminary trademark search tool which had its official launch on Monday, 24th September. But what does it do and how does it work? For those who have not yet signed up for their free account, we are taking a look inside the magic!

A preliminary screening (or knockout) search is typically a legal team’s first step in the process of clearing a new trademark candidate for launch into the marketplace.  The aim is to quickly (and cheaply) narrow down your list of potential new trademark candidates to only those relatively few that have a good chance to be greenlit for launch – which can then be studied more comprehensively.

ExaMatch™ is TrademarkNow’s solution for preliminary trademark search – and is the speediest screening search tool ever developed.  It gives you the ability to instantly access any trademark across more than 160 countries, just by keying in a trademark name.  Search results appear in “typeahead” fashion, immediately populating the screen even as you type.

ExaMatch comes in two versions, with different levels of functionality. ExaMatch™ is the full-featured, premium version of ExaMatch , available only to our Enterprise customers as part of an annual subscription package.  In addition to enabling screening searches, ExaMatch is perhaps the most powerful tool available for trademark research and industry analysis.  It can help you to prepare for oppositions case work by investigating the histories of particular opponents, determine which lawyers have worked with which clients, and even conduct business intelligence on competitors (known and unknown) by learning which new trademarks have been filed lately within particular types of products.  It allows you to search by trademark text, owner, product, mark ID or representative across more than 160 registries.  You can filter results from there by Nice class, region, registry, mark status, application date or registration date. The search is instant, but unlike the full clearance tool, NameCheck, it is searching only for exact match results - i.e., it will return any names that contain the exact text you type, either as full trademark names, or as portions of those names.

The new preliminary trademark search tool is called ExaMatch Basic. It allows you an unlimited number of mark text only searches across 2 critical regions - Europe (EUIPO) and the US (USPTO) - simultaneously and with instant results:


From there, you can organise and sort your report exactly as you need - choosing between relevancy of results, application date, registration date, mark text, owner or registry and ID:


As always, we want to make sure you have the information you need instantly at your fingertips and the new free trademark search tool is integrated with the entire suite of TrademarkNow’s efficient and comprehensive trademark management platform. From your results screen, you can click in to see the details of the mark and mark owner.


For those with access to other TrademarkNow tools, the integrated toolbar as usual appears for each result found, allowing you to check usage of the mark, add it to your own portfolio watch, follow an interesting application that you wish to keep an eye on, run a NameCheck full search should you find a strong candidate, share results with your colleagues or see details for any particular result.

With the new preliminary trademark search tool, ExaMatch Basic, you have an unlimited number of instant, exact match searches across both the EUIPO and the USPTO - no ceiling, no catch. Sign up today and start powering your new, more efficient and effective brand creation process!

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