6 Brands That Are Literally Moving With the Times

Lisa Wright,

At a very basic level a logo is a symbol made from an image and text that enables us to identify brands that we are fond of. It is a visual trademark. A logo helps your brand to stand out from the competition, identify key information about your business and also build brand recognition. 

However, a logo can be so much more! Many brands are now reacting to the changed times that we are all living in today due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, with altered logos and slogans as well as new and innovative social distancing messaging.  

We have selected 6 of the best brands who have moved with the times - in a very literal sense - and used their branding to create different kinds of social distancing public service announcements!

  • Chiquita
  • Coca-Cola
  • Inter Miami Football Club
  • McDonalds
  • Nike
  • Salesforce


Chiquita posted an altered version of its iconic logo on its social media without Miss Chiquita, who was "already home." The brand asked its followers to “do the same and protect yourself.” According to ADWEEK Chiquita’s social media accounts are managed by Lisbon-based digital agency Alice from YoungNetwork Group.

Brands Promote Social Distancing With Altered Logos, Slogans – Adweek

©️ 2020 Chiquita


Coca-Cola recently changed its billboard ad that is featured currently on Times Square, in New York City. The Coca-Cola logo script is normally in cursive. Now we see the image consists of the letters in print form, with a tagline: “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected,” Ad Age reported. A Coke spokesperson told the publication that it will be displayed in Times Square only. According to ADWEEK the unique ad was created by Mercado McCann in Argentina.

Coca-Cola took the message of social distancing to the big screen.

Credit: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images
©️ 2020 Coca-Cola

Inter Miami Football Club

Inter Miami Football Club, which is the newest MLS team, has also adapted its logo. The club has moved its two white herons, which are usually placed side by side, farther apart.

©️ 2020 Inter Milan Football Club


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The fast food chain closed all of their restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland on March 23rd and no longer allows seating in its restaurants in the United States and Brazil, where it is only offering drive-thru, takeout or delivery services. While the signage at restaurant locations have not been updated, McDonalds has also recently altered their iconic golden arches logo on their official social media platforms in India and Brazil.


For example, the logo for the company in Brazil has changed on its Twitter page, with separated golden arches, together with the statement: “Separados por um momento para estarmos sempre juntos." This sentence when translated into English means: “Separated for a moment to always be together.” 

McDonald's in Brazil separated the brand's iconic golden arches.

©️ 2020 McDonalds


Nike also is promoting the practice of social distancing, as reported by USA Today. The sports company temporarily shut down stores in some countries of its own accord and it also released a new ad with messaging on staying apart: “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” 


©️ 2020 Nike


The facebook profile of Salesforce states: “We bring companies and customers together.” Getting into the community spirit to promote and to highlight social distancing the CRM software provider has recently adjusted their logo and posted it on their Twitter account to spread a new message that staying apart could help to save lives.


©️ 2020 Salesforce

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