3 New Year’s Work Resolutions Worth Keeping

Lisa Wright,

Did you know that it is now possible for trademark professionals to boost their productivity, by spending less time on routine tasks at work? We would all probably like to stress less in 2020 and here are a few tips that can help you to work smarter and be a better business partner this year. 

While the new year is a good time to reflect upon your career and work achievements, reflecting on how to improve routine work practices can often be sidelined. However it is these data intensive, repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can cause the most frustration and stress at work in the IP industry.

To find out more about current work practices in the IP domain we recently identified the top 200 USPTO representatives and surveyed them. We quizzed them about their best practices, work-life balance, job satisfaction, use of technology and more, in order to find out what they have in common and to discover the driving forces behind their success.

With the results of this survey in mind we have put together three IP career-related new year’s resolutions you should keep, which we hope will help to make 2020 less stressful and more productive for you in the workplace! 

1. Use your time wisely

The key to successful time management is discovering what needs to be prioritized and how to manage attention. Spending less time on routine, repetitive tasks, like trademark clearance searches and more on legal opinions, building business relationships and learning a new skill set could pay you dividends this year.  

When examining our top 200 USPTO representatives survey results we found that 90% of our respondents work outside of regular business hours, because they firmly believe that this is what it takes for their business to be successful. Well-being at work is important and an ever-growing workload can be managed effectively, by utilizing legal tech tools to assist with trademark clearance and watching tasks.  

2. Leverage legal technology

Legal tech tools are primarily used by trademark professionals for preliminary trademark search, trademark clearance search and trademark monitoring. And, the majority of our survey respondents cited both the increasing value of IP and new technologies as the two most important drivers of change in the IP industry today. 90% of the top 200 USPTO representatives surveyed are using legal tech tools currently in their trademark management processes, with a fairly even split between trademark knockout and preliminary search, clearance search and trademark watching and monitoring services. And, 51.7% of those surveyed are using more than one provider of trademark clearance solutions to assist them with their work.

Most of our survey respondents agreed that legal tech tools improved their workloads and  allowed them, as trademark professionals, to become an overall better business partner to their clients. 

3. Become a better business partner

Our INTA committee members, Trademark Counsel, Gokcen Uzer Cengelci and Head of Product, Charles Hill at TrademarkNow recently shared their takeaways on trademark industry trends to watch in 2020. One of the five key trends cited by Uzer Cengelci, is getting a better business mindset: “The demand to act rapidly in global trade matters and the need for prompt strategies in trade make a business mindset even more crucial. So lawyers are not happy to be referred to as ‘just’ an advisor or representative (an independent source of law) but want to be seen also as a business solution provider to their clients with an interdependency skill set.” 

“Being a better business partner” - a masterclass for in-house IP counsel

TrademarkNow recently delivered a masterclass with Joe Quigley of Rivet LLC in building and developing the unique and diverse skill set required of in-house IP counsel. Joe Quigley has over two decades of in-house expertise at leading companies such as Walt Disney, NIKE, Liz Claiborne, Kate Spade New York, Juicy Couture, Lucky Brand Jeans, Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. Access our masterclass and find out how you can become a better business partner this year!

New year, new skills

And, stronger business building tactics, improved adaptability and interpersonal skills are the top three skills that will be needed in the future for IP/trademark professionals, according to the majority of the top 200 USPTO representatives that we surveyed. Greater technological skills and better administrative support are placed fourth and fifth in the list of necessary skills and attributes by our respondents. 

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Just like our clients and blog subscribers from within the IP community, the top USPTO representatives are highly experienced, work exceptionally hard, love what they do, and invest in the right tools to ensure their trademark searches are accurate. 

To gain deeper insights into the motivations that drive the success of the top 200 USPTO representatives - please download and read our recent eBook report, published in November 2019 and entitled: “Top 200 USPTO Representatives in 2018”.

Our eBook also contains an overview of USPTO filing and registration activity, processing times, overall success rates and success rates per Nice class over the recent decade 2008-2018.

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