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New brand? Your international trademark search just got easier

Are you starting a new business or thinking about adding a new good or service to your existing business? If you have decided that your organization could benefit from some branding, how do you choose the right trademark and approach creating a trademark strategy?

7 Festive Christmas Trademarks To Get You Into the Spirit

Kentucky Fried Chicken is not normally what would spring to mind when one hears the word ‘Christmas’. However, a chicken bucket meal is the preferred Christmas fare in Japan. What makes Christmas special for everyone today is different and of course, it all kind of depends where …

The USPTO - The Whole Story

Did you know that the USPTO is one of the busiest trademark registries in the world? The U.S. remains the leader when it comes to the world economy and for many businesses who are scaling up, entering the U.S. market with their goods or service is the holy grail.  If you register…