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Brand Protection Strategy - Funding, Grants, And Advice

Now, more than ever, business cash flows may be getting tighter and it can be a tempting time for smaller organizations and startups, working with limited budgets, to channel more funds into marketing and selling their product or service and to delay their intellectual property a…

Losing Your Rights In A Trademark

Did you know that, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there were an estimated 10.9 million trademark applications filed worldwide in 2018? This denotes a growth of some 19% since the previous year and marks the 9th consecutive year of growth!

The Role Of Trademarks In Franchising

Are you a Big Mac™ or a Whopper™ person? Well, with the right credentials and a franchise agreement, you could actually operate your very own McDonald’s™ or Burger King™ restaurant and get burgers on tap!  

3 Famous Movie Franchises And Their Marks

Although many of us have been enjoying watching the latest movies from the comfort of home lately thanks to subscription video on demand (SVOD) platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney + and Hulu, the film industry as a whole has been greatly impacted by the current global…

New brand? Your international trademark search just got easier

Are you starting a new business or thinking about adding a new good or service to your existing business? If you have decided that your organization could benefit from some branding, how do you choose the right trademark and approach creating a trademark strategy?

New Year, New Brand

Each new year brings a surge of trademark activity as businesses start to plan for 2020 and look towards launching new brands for their goods and services. 

How To Maximize Brand Strength

Want to know how to boost the valuation of your business? Invest in brand strength. Brand strength (sometimes known also as brand equity) is the value that is carried by a brand.  Brand equity - as defined by David A. Aaker in his book “Building Stronger Brands” - is: “A set of a…

An Influencer’s Guide To Trademarks

In 2018, Molly Mae Hague was an influencer who had done pretty well for herself. With 150,000 or so followers, she landed promotions and was able, at the tender age of 19, to move out of home. And her followers loved her.

How To Determine Nice Classes for Trademarks

Determining the appropriate Nice classes (sometimes also called ‘International Classes’) to file under during your trademark application can be a rather complicated process. Registering your trademark under the right class(es) is a key component to your overall trademark protecti…

Stanford Law Professor and Author Paul Goldstein Unwrapped

TrademarkNow was founded seven years ago in 2012 by four co-founders in Helsinki. Our Artificial Intelligence trademark global search and watch platform was built to help reduce the workload of trademark attorneys and paralegals, as well as serving marketing and branding professi…