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New brand? Your international trademark search just got easier

Are you starting a new business or thinking about adding a new good or service to your existing business? If you have decided that your organization could benefit from some branding, how do you choose the right trademark and approach creating a trademark strategy?

New Year, New Brand

Each new year brings a surge of trademark activity as businesses start to plan for 2020 and look towards launching new brands for their goods and services. 

9 Trademarks We Only Consume Over The Holiday Season

When you think of the holiday season, the first thing that springs to mind is perhaps family celebrations and presents. The second thing that you think of is probably food and drink.

The Technology Behind Superbrands

How do superbrands connect with the individual to make them a part of the collective? The short answer is that they leverage technology. Assisting branding and marketing clients with their brand creation and trademark management workflows is at the core of what our AI tech platfo…

An Iconic Automotive Logo on the Move!

Today many industries are going through systematic changes. The automotive industry, in particular, is in the process of undergoing the most fundamental transformation since the invention of the car.

How To Maximize Brand Strength

Want to know how to boost the valuation of your business? Invest in brand strength. Brand strength (sometimes known also as brand equity) is the value that is carried by a brand.  Brand equity - as defined by David A. Aaker in his book “Building Stronger Brands” - is: “A set of a…