New Year, New Brand

Lisa Wright,

Each new year brings a surge of trademark activity as businesses start to plan for 2020 and look towards launching new brands for their goods and services. 

If you are considering the launch of a new business brand in 2020 best practice would dictate that you protect your new valuable trademark asset. And, here is a basic roadmap to successful trademark registration that can help to guide you through the entire process.

8 steps to new brand protection

  1. Brand storm
  2. List your potential trademark candidates
  3. Run a preliminary trademark knockout search (of exact match and semi-exact match searches) to eliminate bad trademark candidates
  4. Run a trademark similarity clearance search (to identify the similarity risk of your good trademark candidate to any existing trademark names) 
  5. Get approval of your good trademark candidate by a trademark professional 
  6. File your trademark application (depending on the territory, the application may need to be done by a licensed trademark attorney)
  7. Successful trademark registration and initial brand protection! 
  8. Monitor your trademark and protect it against potential infringements (to maintain brand strength and protection rights)

Over 100 thousand trademarks already pending in 2020

This annual and frenetic new year, new brand activity is reflected in our data when we take a look at the sheer volume of new trademark applications lodged already this year.

When using our platform to analyze the volume of new applications filed internationally so far this year, we see that over 93 thousand new trademark applications have already been filed since the 1st of January 2020 currently pending registration!

We searched high and low

Our platform and database covers virtually the entire globe with 180 trademark registries and our common law data contains more than 140 million public and private companies across 191 countries. And, global pharma-in-use and clinical trials data along with major app stores, and web and social media data are also available on our platform to our users - all from the most reputable data providers.

New year, new trademark activity

So far this year the top three registries where marks have been filed and are pending evaluation are: the United States USPTO (32.9%), South Korea KIPO (12.9%) and the European Union EUIPO (10.8%).

The top three classes so far this year are Nice classes 35 (Advertising and Business) class 9 (Electrical and Scientific Devices) and class 41 (Education and Entertainment).

New Year, New Brand-01

Preliminary trademark search referrals and rewards in 2020

Each new year also brings a flurry of goodwill messages and 2020 is no different. TrademarkNow is excited to announce our new referral rewards programme, which will help to both speed up and save money on your preliminary trademark searching. And, we help you spread joy and cheer amongst the trademark community this New Year too! You just refer a colleague to our new pay-per-search tools and you both earn a free Enhanced Knockout Search.

How it works 

You can now earn free Enhanced Knockout Searches by inviting your colleagues to start searching with TrademarkNow. To get started and to receive your personal invitation code simply sign in to your account or join TrademarkNow by creating a free account. 

You can then email your colleague and share your personal invitation code!

Everyone's an Enhanced Knockout Search winner 

When colleagues sign up with your invite code, they will get a free Enhanced Knockout Search after their first paid search. 

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Enjoy your free searches! Happy New Mark!

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