8 Steps To Successful Trademark Registration in 2021

Lisa Wright,

Did you know that your brand might very well be your business’s most valuable commercial asset? A registered trademark offers security and value and is one factor in creating revenue and value for a business. The globalization of commerce and the connectivity of the digital age that we all live and work in today, has broadened the reach of brands on a massive scale. A strong brand with global appeal is worth its weight in gold for the savvy business owner. 

The first few months of each new year traditionally bring a surge of trademark activity as businesses looking to the future launch new brands for their goods and services. If you are considering the launch of a new brand this year, protecting your new asset by trademarking the brand name should be at the top of your new year’s list of resolutions!  

In this article, we outline a basic roadmap to successful trademark registration that can help to guide you through the process in eight concrete steps, and we use ExaMatch™ to examine global trademark activity and gain some insights into trademark trends for 2021. 

8 steps to new brand protection

If you are new to the idea of protecting your new brand name through trademarking we have put together a basic roadmap to successful trademark registration that we hope can help to guide you through the entire process. 


  1. Brainstorm — collaborate with your creative and marketing team to come up with some new trademark candidates. 
  2. List your potential trademark candidates. 
  3. Run a preliminary trademark knockout search (of exact match and semi-exact match searches) to eliminate weak trademark candidates. 
  4. Run a trademark clearance search of strong candidates (to identify the similarity risk of your good trademark candidate with any existing trademark names).  
  5. Get approval of your good trademark candidate by a trademark professional.  
  6. File your trademark application (depending on the territory, the application may need to be done by a licensed trademark attorney). 
  7. Leverage successful trademark registration and initial brand protection 
  8. Monitor your trademark and protect it against potential infringements (to maintain brand strength and protection rights). 

Almost 315 thousand trademarks already filed in 2021

In response to an increase in the commercial value of trademarks, there has been a steady, incremental rise in legal activity around the protection of trademarks in many countries and territories at the start of each year. According to a World Intellectual Property Indicators Report, published in December 2020, trademark filing activity increased worldwide in 2019 by 5.9%. 

Burgeoning new trademark activity is reflected in our data when we take a look at the volume of new applications already filed in 2021. When using our preliminary trademark screening and business intelligence tool, ExaMatch™ to analyze the volume of new applications filed internationally so far this year, we see that, at the time of writing, nearly 315 thousand new trademark applications have been lodged since January 1, 2021.  

Of these, over 4,600 trademark applications were filed on January 1, 2021 — with the top owners, CORIOBO TRADING, Inc. (United States) and Wanbo Shidai Technology Co, Ltd. (China) each holding a 1% share of all these applications. 

Global trademark data at your fingertips  

Our platform and database cover virtually the entire globe with over 180 trademark registries. Our common law data contains more than 140 million public and private companies across 191 countries. And, global pharma-in-use and clinical trials data, along with major app stores and web and social media data, are also available on our platform  all from the most reputable data providers. 

New year, new trademark activity

So far this year, the top three registries where marks have been filed are the United States’ USPTO (26.4%), China’s CNIPA(10.2%), and the United Kingdom’s UKIPO (7.6%). The top three Classes so far this year are Nice Classes 35 (Advertising and Business), Class 9 (Electrical and Scientific Devices), and Class 41 (Education and Entertainment). 



The top three product descriptions are all found in Class 35 Advertising, marketing and promotional services (8.7%), with Retail and wholesale services and Retail or wholesale services for clothing both holding a ratio share of 6.3%. 

The top three owner countries are the United States (19.4%), China (11.9%), and the Republic of Korea (5.8%). 



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