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Redefining Trademark Clearance

Redefining trademark clearance with intelligent legal technology. Intelligent technologies have the potential to profoundly transform the market for legal services. The intelligent trademark analysis solutions from the Finnish startup TrademarkNow are one example of this -(Published in IPRinfo 1/2013 )

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Going green: five eco-friendly trademarks

Everywhere you go people are talking about going green and how it impacts the environment. From chemicals to plastic bags, people are trying to come up with new and innovative ways to make our planet more environmentally sustainable.  

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ESports, Sports & Trademarks

Somedays it feels as though our entire lives are online - social media interactions and events, online learning, work, leisure pursuits of all kinds - dating and romance, shopping, music, fashion and even politics. And many, many pictures of cats.

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Cultural Appropriation In The World Of Sports

Nothing evokes fierce national pride or passionate support quite like sports. While there is little in the way of study of the evolution of sports as it relates to our evolutionary biology, it has been suggested that sports evolved as a ‘replacement’ for the hunting and survival skills and activities necessary for early human existence.

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Top Three Funny Trademark Oversights

Thousands if not millions of trademarks are registered round the world every year. It would be beyond miraculous if each year there were not a selection of oversights that in retrospect, are just ridiculously funny. I have collated my top three favourites below. Selecting just three was the real challenge here!

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