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7 Factors For Identifying Trademark Likelihood of Confusion

Companies trademark their goods and services for a simple reason: They want to make as much money as possible from the brands they have worked so hard to build.

Registering a brand name or symbol ensures no one else can profit from the labor of its creators, without risking litigation. Unfortunately, trademarking doesn't ensure another company or individual won't end up confusing customers—knowingly or unknowingly—by introducing a similar mark.

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The Best Mother's Day Gift There Is...

I'm not the greatest fan of holidays like Mother's Day as a general rule. I tend to believe that it's the little things that count. If the people for whom you give the most, express their appreciation in small ways all year round, then you don't really need a 'special day' that obliges them to do so. Conversely, if the people for whom you work the hardest, don't generally see or acknowledge what you do, then a standardised annual thank you is a somewhat hollow consolation.

Gratitude and appreciation is a two way street. To misquote Terry Pratchett,

"respect is a rock hard currency and accepted everywhere."

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7 Brand Protection Mistakes Companies Make All the Time

What is a brand?

The answer to the question depends upon whom you ask:

An advertising executive will tell you a brand is a story well told; it's your company mission, values and personality rolled into a recognizable consumer experience.

A trademarking professional is more likely to define brand as the actual trademark name or symbol representing your company, as well as the goods and services you sell.

The biggest mistake we see startups making?

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Fashion Brands - The Challenge of Big-Volume, High-Speed Trademark Name Searches

According to a 2011 study at the University of Florida, it is approximately 170,000 years since humans first started wearing clothes. The study of the lifecycle of clothing lice (ewwww!) doesn’t rule out that there may have been advances in clothing prior to this and certainly doesn’t comment on what that clothing might have consisted of. If ancient humans were anything like today’s population, you can be sure that there was a group of them always right on trend wearing this season’s loincloth.

Fast forward a bit and those loincloths have transformed into an industry that is globally worth $1.2 TRILLION and employs 4.2 MILLION people around the world. In the US alone, $250 BILLION is spent on fashion each year. This may be partially due to the ever changing trends in fashion and the need to ‘keep up’ with what everyone else is wearing. Nathalie Gaveau commented,

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Appointment Of An Industry Led Board Of Advisors

TrademarkNow would like to officially announce the formation and appointment of a carefully selected Board of Advisors, comprised of trademark professionals with an intentionally diverse array of expertise and experience to assist with the development of the world’s fastest and most accurate trademark management platform.

Although TrademarkNow possesses a plethora of in-house expertise, the additional input from top legal professionals in this field will be invaluable. We recognise and understand that those doing it day-in day-out will be able to give us more detailed insight into industry specific requirements, IP search/watch strategies, processes, reporting necessities etc.

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Lessons Learned from a Trinity of Irish Trademark Law Cases

The three leaves of the shamrock were used by St Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity - The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit but it's not the only trinity associated with Ireland. The Celtic tradition has a great affinity with the power of three. In Irish mythology, a trio of War Goddesses, collectively known as The Morrígan, presided over the fate of warriors around the 1st Century AD. These days, modern day Irish warriors battle it out rather more tamely in the courtroom and few have to fear The Morrígans premonitions of a violent death.

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How Trademark Data Can Provide Valuable Business Intelligence Insights

The world moves faster now than it ever has before and recent history is littered with examples of companies that have failed to keep pace.

Innovation, far from being just another buzzword, has become essential to survival in a consumer choice driven marketplace. A current day analysis of this 2012 list of companies that were struggling with disruptive change doesn't offer much long lived hope to those focusing on standing still. But how have some of them performed since?

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How Will Trump's Presidency Affect IP and Trademark Protection?

There are not enough emojis in the world to capture the full spectrum of emotions surrounding 2016's presidential election cycle in the United States. Even now, the country is still figuring out how to process the results. Whether you feel like your side won or lost the election, we can all agree that it was a wild ride.

With Trump in the infancy of his presidential term, many are wondering what impact (if any) his presidency will have on the trademark and intellectual property sector.

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