Understanding Bad Faith in EU Trademark Law

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A discussion with Carolina Calheiros and Jan Gerd Mietzel of Rolim, Mietzel, Wohlnick & Calheiros LLP

In this webinar we take a look at the European Union trademark market and the meaning of bad faith in EU trademark law. Today, the trademark market in the European Union is growing at a rapid rate and bad faith applications are becoming increasingly common.

TrademarkNow invited our friends and clients Carolina Calheiros and Jan Gerd Mietzel, both Partners at international law firm Rolim, Mietzel, Wohlnick & Calheiros LLP, to share their insights into bad faith applications in the EU and more specifically, the Sky vs. Skykick case with us all.

During this webinar Carolina and Jan Gerd will take a deeper look at the specific aspects of this interesting case and discuss the implications for the future interpretation of bad faith in EU trademark law. 

During this webinar we discuss:

  • Filing activity and growth in the EU trademark market
  • Recent developments in the understanding of bad faith in EU case law
  • Overview of future case law
  • Best practices for brand owners

Your webinar co-hosts

Carolina Calheiros and Jan Gerd Mietzel are both experienced attorneys with decades of combined experience in European trademark law.

Carolina_Calheiros_1600Px                                  Jan_Gerd_Mietzel

Carolina Calheiros                                               Jan Gerd Mietzel

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