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The Problem With Manual Trademark Search

This year, over 5,000,000 trademark applications will be filed. Manually filtering and analyzing that much data to clear and protect trademarks is getting harder by the day. Missed opportunities, human errors, and excruciatingly lengthy timeframes are holding back too many brands.

The Old Way

  • Waiting for days to get your search results.
  • Sifting through hundreds of irrelevant results and alerts.
  • Limited watch capabilities with no intelligence.

With TrademarkNow

  • Better search results in under 15 seconds.
  • Relevant and prioritized watch alerts.
  • Smart watch by portfolio, application, name and product.

A Better Way: The TrademarkNow Platform

Artificial Intelligence

Complex algorithms return more relevant results in less time. What used to take weeks can now be completed in a few seconds with less mistakes and increased efficiency.

Identify Risks Quickly

Easily identify and assess the risks of potential legal conflicts for candidate names or taglines and quickly report the overall risk picture to stakeholders.

Include Global Sources

All sources are included in the platform. There's no reason to pay for searches database-by-database anymore.

Easier Reporting

Quickly identify potential brand name threats and prioritize the most urgent and relevant alerts to eliminate the noise.

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